An Equitable Comprehensive District Design

We first came together in 2019 in response to an MPS plan (later known as the Comprehensive District Design or CDD) to dramatically reorganize the district without transparency or public input.

We since ensured the CDD was more racially equitable and successfully promoted its adoption – as a first step.

The CDD changed school structures, boundaries, transportation, and programming to increase equity and integration. We are closely monitoring the implementation of the CDD to ensure promises are kept to the community and any shifts are made with the best interest of students of color in mind.

What We Achieved…Together

Decades of tweaks and band-aids hadn’t addressed an inherently racist education system. As more families of color choose better options for their children and the racial inequities became too large to ignore, the district was finally forced to respond. Our members supported the district’s district-wide approach and used it to push even more meaningful changes for students of color. Specifically, we:

  • Halted the district’s process in order to engage the community.
  • Pushed the district to prioritize students and families of color in the plan.
  • Created spaces for community members whose voices are often silenced to meet with, hear from, and educate board and district leaders on changes they believe are most urgently needed.
  • Worked collectively to identify and promote top priorities for the CDD including:

  • Spoke up at board meetings, online, and through the media to raise awareness of the CDD and why it was both necessary and not enough.
  • Attended all school board meetings and listening sessions and widely shared what we learned to keep families informed and involved.
  • Advocated for a list of coalition demands for MPS on issues of racial equity beyond the CDD:
    • improve academic outcomes for students of color
    • improve the climate and culture of school buildings
    • improve community trust and engagement in currently divested school communities

We see the CDD as a first step and are now pushing for the other coalition priorities, with our first focus on equity in teaching.