The upcoming Minneapolis school board election is one of the most critical elections in the history of Minneapolis Public Schools. Following three years of interrupted learning due to Covid-19, a historic teacher strike, an increasingly challenging financial situation, and a superintendent departure, who Minneapolis chooses to be their next representative on the school board will have a long lasting impact on the direction and sustainability of the district. At the end of this calendar year, five sitting board members will retire, which means a majority of the nine-member school board will be newly elected.

In order for MPS students, especially our students of color and Indigenous students, to have the best education possible, it will require all Minneapolis residents to be closely paying attention to this race. Generally, the MPS school board race is fairly low information race. However, if we want public education to provide an excellent education to all students in MPS, it is our responsibility as parents, educators, administrators, residents, taxpayers, and voters to be well informed of both the candidates and the issues when going to the polls to vote.

While that task seems daunting, the Advancing Equity Coalition has pulled together several resources to help Minneapolis residents and voters better understand the role of the school board, key priorities in this election, information about candidates, and voting resources. We do not endorse candidates. Our goal this election is to help you get connected to important information and opportunities related to this election so you can make an informed decision about who will govern Minneapolis Public Schools at this pivotal moment. To get connected with more opportunities and information about the 2022 MPS Election, PLEDGE TO BE AN INFORMED VOTER!