Advancing Equity Coalition

We need your help.

Help us support youth-led community engagement in Minneapolis Public Schools. We hope to raise $10,000 to engage our community over the next 3 months. 

The members of the Advancing Equity Coalition want to use our capacity and our relationships with the youth of the city to engage BIPOC communities where they already are and provide critical feedback to the school board. 

Your support will help us:

  1. Meet families where they are: We will go to the places and spaces that families already attend, rather than asking them to create time to attend board meetings, Site councils, and town halls. We will survey them using meaningful questions, looking for themes and deeper understanding, and asking them what they want the board to prioritize.
  2. Develop skills in MPS youth: We will train MPS high and middle school students to engage with community, to interface with adults, and we will develop their engagement and leadership skills 
  3. Provide fair compensation for MPS youth: We will pay stipends to youth for their time. $100 will pay students for one engagement session
  4. Provide critical feedback to the school board: We will work with the students to present our findings to the school board and the district staff at a school board meeting. We will model quality community engagement, to inform equitable budgeting decisions, and to demonstrate to MPS and our community that the coalition is a trusted source of relationship building between the district and the community. 

A donation of $100 will help us cultivate youth-led community engagement for one student at one community engagement event. 


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