Double Your Impact, Double The Fun!

With the calendar year coming to an end, AEC is kicking off our Double Your Impact, Double The Fun giving season. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of the year to support our work.

If you invest in AEC before the end of 2022 you will:
  • Double Your Impact - Once we raise $2,500 AND reach 100 donors, a generous donor has agreed to match $2,500 dollars.

  • Double The Fun - For every $2,000 raised, AEC will purchase a Winter Fun Kit for MPS global majority elementary schools to allow students to enjoy the winter weather! A Winter Fun Kit will include multiple pairs of mittens, snow pants, jackets, and a sled as requested by various principals.

When you invest in AEC's work, you are investing in:
  • Disrupting Institutional Racism in MPSWe are the only multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition with an intentional focus on changing policies, practices and culture to improve the education outcomes and experiences of students of color and Indigenous students in Minneapolis.

  • Civic Engagement in Public EducationWe provide parents, educators, Minneapolis residents, and community organizations with resources, workshops, and opportunities to learn and make their voices heard on some of the most critical local education issues impacting students of color and Indigenous students.

  • Access to InformationWe make MPS policymaking and politics more accessible by developing resources and opportunities to stay up-to-date with MPS current events.

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